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Other products

Other products

Asteg support and stock a large range of products and equipment that does not fall into the previous product groups. All these products are used extensively throughout the manufacturing industry.

The following is a list of some of these products.

When you have located the item/s of interest and the respective manufacturer/s, please click on the manufacturer's name to the right of the page. This will take you direct to the manufacturer's website for the item specifications, features and benefits.

If you can't find the item/s you are looking for there is still a good chance we can source the item/s from numerous leading manufacturers not listed on this website.

For further specifications, price and lead time (availability) information please Contact Us

Abrasives & Associated Products

Abrasives & Associated Products

  • diamond paste (Boride)
  • diamond dressers
  • diamond cuttoff wheel
  • grinding wheel
  • honing stone (Boride)
  • mounted point (Boride)
  • polishing stone (Boride)
  • power brush (Weiler)
  • rib stone (Boride)
  • rubberised abrasive (Cratex)

Carbon Graphite

  • EDM graphite (Tokia)

Hand tools and torque equipment

  • general hand tool (KC TOOLS)
  • electronic torque analyser
  • torque calibration analyser
  • torgue screwdriver 
  • torque limiting screwdriver 
  • torque wrench


  • biodegradable lubricant (Fuchs, Callington)
  • coolant (Fuchs, Callington)
  • compressor oil (Fuchs)
  • corrosion preventive (Fuchs, Callington)
  • degreaser (Fuchs, Callington)
  • drawing compound (Fuchs)
  • grease (Fuchs)
  • heat transfer oil (Fuchs)
  • hydraulic fluid (Fuchs)
  • neat cutting fluid (Fuchs)
  • quenching oil (Fuchs)
  • slideway / gear oil (Fuchs, Callington)
  • tapping fluid (Callington)
  • water miscible cutting fluid (Fuchs, Callington)


Filtration Equipment

  • Filter Paper (Darenth) 


Safety Equipment

  • flat fold mask
  • safety glove 
  • safety glasses
  • welding helmet

Core Drills, Drilling and Bevelling Machines, Hydraulic Punches

  • Core drilling machines - mag base (ALFRA)
  • Bevelling machines (ALFRA)
  • Core drill bits (ALFRA)
  • Hydraulic Punches (ALFRA)


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