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Machine Tools

Machine Tools

Asteg Machine Tool Division (AMTD) sell and service both manual and CNC machine tools. Asteg chooses to sell machines of proven quality, including, Morton and Gosan manual lathes, King Rich and First milling machines, and Hardinge Bridgeport CNC lathes and Machining Centres.

Asteg is the Australian and NewZealand representatives for Wickman Coventry and Mori-Say multi spindle automatic lathes.

AMTD offers our customers a complete machine tool solution, from concept through to tool trials and finished part.

AMTD is able to draw on Asteg's resources as a specialist cutting tool supplier thus providing customers with a total package solution that provides the necessary productivity gains and overall cost reductions they need.

The following outlines AMTD's products and services in more detail.

For further information and specifications on the machines, please click on the web links or the manufacturer's name to the right of the page. This will take you direct to the manufacturer's website.

If you would like pricing information on a machine, spare part or you would like to discuss your application with a AMTD Application Sales Engineer, then please Contact Us

Wickman & Mori-Say Multi Spindle Automatic Lathes

Wickman & Mori-Say Multi Spindle Automatic Lathes

Wickman Spare Parts

  • Asteg / Wickman Coventry stock a huge range of genuine spare parts at Asteg's Adelaide Warehouse to support the population of Wickman machines in Australia and New Zealand.
  • In the unlikely event the product is not available ex stock we can generally have most spares within 1-3 weeks.

Wickman Machine Survey and Overhaul Service

  • Asteg / Wickman offer the service of a machine survey. The survey takes approximately 4 hours per machine.
  • The survey provides the customer with a comprehensive report on the condition of the machine, a list and cost of the parts and labour to bring the machine back to manufacturer's specifications.
  • The company has instigated a number of these surveys in the past, resulting in a order for a machine overhaul program for 10 machines. The program included the upgrading of guarding and the fitment of air operated clutches in lieu of the traditional mechanical clutches.
  • As a result of the overhauls the customer significantly decreased part cycle time and increased the reliability of their hard working machines.
    One of the overhauled machines is shown below.

Wickman Multi Spindle Lathes

  • New Wickman 6-26
  • ACW Range (remanufactured)
  • Rebuilt Machines
  • Used Machines

Wickman 5 Axis Vertical Turning Centre

  • Model 1500mm
  • Model 2000mm

Mori-Say (latest technology for multi spindle machines)

  • 6/20AC
  • TM626
  • TM626 CNC
  • 6/25P-6/32-6/32M
  • 6/32AC-6/42AC-6/32 CNC-6/42 CNC
  • 6/51AC-6/51 CNC
  • 8/32-8/42

TURNING (Hardinge Bridgeport)

2 & 3-Axis Lathes

  • TALENT 6/45 and 8/52
  • TALENT 10/78 
  • ELITE 8/51, 3-Axis Bar and Chucking Lathe 
  • QUEST (Super Precision) GT and GT Big-Bore
  • QUEST 6/42, 8/51 and 10/65 
  • QUEST 6/42SP, 8/51SP and 10/65SP (Super Precision)

Hardinge/EMAG Vetical Pick-Up Spindle Lathe

  • VL3 3-Axis view
  • VL5 3-Axis view

MILLING (Hardinge Bridgeport)

3-Axis VMC's

  • VMC 600P, VMC800P, and VMC1000P 
  • VMC1250P and VMC1500P
  • VMC 450P
  • HSC 500 High Speed VMC
  • VMC 610XP, 760XP and 1000XP Heavy Duty VMC's  
  • VMC 1500XP Heavy duty VMC's

5-Axis VMC's

  • 5 AX 500 VMC 
  • APC 1000S Auto-Pallet Changing VMC

3-Axis HMC

  • HMC 700 Horizontal Machining Centre 
  • Series 1 Knee Mill and EZPLUS


5-Axis Flexible Grinding Centre (Hardinge Bridgeport)

  • FGC 2

HAUSER (Hardinge Bridgeport)
Hauser 5-Axis Jig Grinders

  • S35 Single Column; S45 & S55 Double Column CNC's

KELLENBERGER (Hardinge Bridgeport)
Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machines

  • Kel-Varia: Versatile high precision m/c with advanced B-Axis CNC features 
  • Kel-Vista: Affordable short batch production and toolroom precision CNC m/c 
  • Kel-Viva: Affordable high specification CNC m/c  
  • Kel-Universal: High precision short batch production and toolroom manual m/c 

TSCHUDIN (Hardinge Bridgeport)
Universal Cylindrical CNC Grinding Machines

  • PLX: Affordable, compact, versatile accurate production m/c 
  • TS 25-TS 66A: Versatile high volume production m/c

TRIPET (Hardinge Bridgeport)
High Productivity, Int./Ext. Grinding with up to 4 spindles

  • TS 120 and TS 250 

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