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Machine Tool Accessories

Machine Tool Accessories

Asteg supply and support a huge range of quality machine tool accessories including tool holders and work holding equipmentas listed below. Some of the leading manufacturers we supply include Vertex, Pratt Burnerd, HAASE, JENIX, FAGOR to name a few.

When you have located the item/s of interest and the respective manufacturer, please click on the manufacturer's name to the right of the page. This will take you direct to the manufacturer's website for the item specifications, features and benefits.

If you can't find the item/s you are looking for there is still a good chance we can source the item/s from numerous leading manufacturers not listed on this website.

For further specifications, price and lead time (availability) information please Contact Us

Other Machine Tools Accessories

  • adjustable coolant hoses and valves (Lockline)
  • drill sharpeners (Darex)
  • digital readout scales  
  • edge finders
  • machine lamps (Eminent Main)
  • magnifing lamps
  • tool presetter
  • wigglers

Tool Holders

  • tool arbor 
  • tool adaptor
  • boring bar tool 
  • boring head
  • reducing Sleeve 
  • shave tool holder (CJ Winter)
  • speed increaser  


  • angle plate
  • angle vice 
  • clamp (AMF, Goodhand, Brauer)
  • collet, feed finger, pad, multi-bore collet (Hardinge, Wickman, Pratt Burnerd)
  • collet chuck (Wickman, Hardinge, Pratt Burnerd)
  • dead centre 
  • live centre
  • drill chuck
  • hydraulic vice
  • index head 
  • lathe chuck
  • machine vice
  • magnetic chuck
  • pin chuck
  • power chuck
  • tapping chuck
  • toolmaking vice 
  • vee block

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